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Happy Rose Day Poetry Messages

Happy Rose Day Poetry Messages

Rose Day brings a message of love for whom who have a little light of love in their hearts. In the mean while poetry is the thing which can come closer 2 persons with its loveable words & heart touching. So we have collected some decent & heart touching poetry collection to send your lover , dear ones at this happy moment of Happy Rose Day. Following are some Rose Day Poems Poetry Messages.

Happy Rose Day Poems

Rose Day Poetry Messages

I watched you in your
roses growing every
flowers were so lovely
perfume filled the air

Touching them so
creating a bouquet
tied with yellow
so they wouldn’t blow

As I left the garden
on that summer day
I turned and looked
once more
then slowly walked

I admire your lovely
so happy I would be
if I were the rosebud
you touched so

Poems Via: PoemHunter

Rose Day Poems Messages

Rose Day Poems Messages

Oh rosebud of youth
have you not been
loved yet?

My sweet one so
innocent and pure

Have you not felt
the lure?

Your day will come
that’s for sure.

Poetry Via: PoemHunter

Rose Day Poetry Messages

Rose Day Poetry Messages English

Rose, a
symbol of
beauty, purity,
power, excellence

An emblem
of silence,
a tear dropped

her into

a lovely lady
remaining closed

Around the
heart, preventing
a rare flower.

Poems Via: PoemHunter © 2014