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What Is Chinese New Year, When Is Chinese New Year

What Is Chinese New Year, When Is Chinese New Year In 2014

Chinese NY

Chinese New Year starts mostly in January or February after New Year start globally. Every Chinese New Year is related to any animal, Every New Chinese Year is celebrated with the linking of any animal, 2014 is celebrates as “The Year Of Horse”. 2014 is 4712 year of China & will get start from 31 January 2014. New Chinese year is the biggest & longest celebration in the Chinese calendar. Every New Year in china is attached with animal sign.

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12 animals are interconnected as a sign with Chinese New Years. Following animals are to be signed with different years in china.

1: Horse
2: Sheep
3: Monkey
4: Rooster
5: Dog
6: Pig
7: Rat
8: Ox
9: Tiger
10: Rabbit
11: Dragon
12: Snake

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Chinese people way of living at the start of New Year:

At Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red clothes, decorate with poems on red paper, and give children “lucky money” in red envelopes. Red symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away bad luck. The fireworks that shower the festivities are rooted in a similar ancient custom. Long ago, people in China lit bamboo stalks, believing that the crackling flames would frighten evil spirits.

Chinese New Year is a sign of family reunion in China:

In China, the New Year is a time of family reunion. Family members gather at each other’s homes for visits and shared meals, most significantly a feast on New Year’s Eve. In the United States, however, many early Chinese immigrants arrived without their families, and found a sense of community through neighborhood associations instead. Today, many Chinese-American neighborhood associations host banquets and other New Year events.

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Chinese New Year Also A Message To Bring The Lantern Festival:

The lantern festival is held on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Some of the lanterns may be works of art, painted with birds, animals, flowers, zodiac signs, and scenes from legend and history. People hang glowing lanterns in temples, and carry lanterns to an evening parade under the light of the full moon.

Next Chinese New Year Dates:

31 – Jan 2014
19 – Feb 2015
08 – Feb 2016
28 – Jan 2017
16 – Feb 2018

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