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Good Friday Quotes and Sayings English

Latest / New Collection On Good Friday Quotes 2014 and Good Friday Sayings 2014, Good Friday Wishes and Greetings Messages In English Good Friday Kids Poems, ‘Good Friday’ is the day to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Decent Good Friday Quotes In Text.


Good Friday Quotes

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, That we, being dead to sins, Should live unto righteousness by Whose stripes ye were healed. “See ..! my servant shall prosper.. He shall be raised high and greatly exalted.” [Isaiah 52:13]
 Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice, He took our guilt and blame upon Himself, So we could be with Him in paradise.  One of the most inauspicious days for washing was “Good Friday”…. Clothes hung out on that day would be spotted with blood & a story is told that Jesus cursed a woman who was washing clothes as he passed by on the way to Calvary.
 Christ died He left a will in which He gave His soul to His Father, His body to Joseph of Arimathea, His clothes to the soldiers and His mother to John. But to His disciples, who had left all to follow Him, He left not silver or gold, but something far better – His PEACE!
Matthew Henry
 When you face problems in life ..!! Don’t ask GOD to take them away. Ask Him to show His purpose… Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for You. that’s it.
 Bible, I Peter (ch. II, v. 24) “If you are a devout Christian, commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with these Good Friday quotes.” Good Friday Quotes (Lord Jesus, you embraced your cross to redeem the world. .. Help me to embrace the crosses in my life the hardships… struggles, disappointments… pain. Only by recognizing my own weakness, can I discover your strength.) “Author Unknown”
God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Jesus sacrificed His life so that we may enter Heaven through Him. That is such a powerful sacrifice; He set aside His deity to be flesh on Earth, and without doing any wrong, He was killed and His blood was shed for us.

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Good Friday Quotes & Sayings


  Jesus died praying. His last words were words of prayer. The habit of life was strong in death. It may seem far off but this event will come to us also. What will our last words be? Who can tell? But would it not be beautiful if our spirit Were so steeped in the habit of prayer that The language of prayer came naturally to us at the last.
“James Stalker”
 I have been saying for a couple of years, Now that people need to let.. God out of the Sunday morning box, That He does not want to just be.. With you for an hour or two on Sunday morning And then put back in His box to sit there until you have an emergency, but He wants to invade your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
“Joyce Meyer”
 Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus … The unblemished lamb the perfect sacrifice.
He took our guilt and blame upon Himself ,, So we could be with Him in paradise. Thinking of You on Good Friday
 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. His life still gives us hope, May you live in his unchanging love. May Jesus who was born in a manger be born again in your Heart. !!
 We had to make rounds with the wheelbarrows from the assembly square to the brook and back. Not a moment of rest was allowed, and much of the time we were forced to run.  Good Friday Quotes “We may say that on the first Good Friday afternoon was completed that great act by which light conquered darkness and goodness conquered sin. That is the wonder of our Saviour’s crucifixion. There have been victories all over the world, but wherever we look for the victor we expect to find him with his heel upon the neck of the vanquished. The wonder of Good Friday is that the victor lies vanquished by the vanquished one. We have to look deeper into the very heart and essence of things before we can see how real the victory is that thus hides itself under the guise of defeat. in Phillips Brooks”
Good Friday is a day of sorrow mingled with joy… It is a time to grieve over the sin of man and to meditate & rejoice upon God’s love in giving His only Son for the redemption of sin.,..  When the guard finally went off and I tried to let go of the wheelbarrow, I found that one of my hands was frozen fast to it. I had to blow on it with warm breath to get it free.
The government’s view is that the best time to announce bad news… news that it doesn’t want the public to dwell on is late on a Friday.. when it will wind up in the Saturday papers… which if you were readers.. then the week day editions. A holiday weekend is even better. By “Bob Schieffer”  Christmas & Easter can be subjects for poetry, But Good Friday..! like Auschwitz ! cannot. The reality is so horrible it is not surprising that people should have found it a stumbling block to faith.

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Good Friday Quotes
If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday. “Noel Coward Good Friday Quotes, a day for some to remember our savior who died on the cross for us.
 I’m the witness to his fearless death.
I’m a token of his last promise Forgiveness.
I’m the CROSS Blessings on Good Friday.
 On this special ocean of GOOD FRIDAY, lets Remember that years ago the Lord of Lords was crucified and resurrected for Our Sins and showed us the sinless way..
So let us follow the Way & make Him happy Forever and ever.
 The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joy full living. Happy Easter Friday!  Mercy, Peace and Love, May the grace and Lord Surround you be with you On Good Friday.
 Good Friday Quotes : [Thinking of You on Good Friday and praying that the Lord keep you in his Loving care always.] He bore it all in silence..  Because …! He held us dear May He receive our regards May our Prayers he hear .. Celebrate Good Friday!
On this Good Friday may we never forget the true meaning of Easter For when He was on the cross, I was on His mind.  He showed us the way, He has long been gone And yet in our hearts, His name shines on. Wishing you all my friends a Holy Friday!

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